Automobile Organizing


Do you think twice about giving someone a ride because your vehicle is messy?  Do you have a hard time finding things that you have put in your car?  This newsletter shares my organizing tips to keep your car clean and organized with minimal effort.

The first step is to remove all items that did not come with the car.  This would include trash, toys, papers, food, etc.  As you remove the items from your car, place them in three piles: 1. To be returned to car.  2. Garbage.  3. To go in home.

Once all items have been removed and you have determined what should go back into the vehicle, it is time to organize them in a manner that is easy to maintain. 

Create a glove box command center to store the following:  owners manual, vehicle registration, maps, auto club information, notepad and pen, flashlight, emergency contact names and numbers, tire gauge, and any other frequently used items.  To store these important papers, I recommend labeling clear plastic envelopes that fit nicely into the glove compartment.  If you don't have enough space in your glove compartment for all of these papers, use the pockets on doors, center console or behind the seat pockets.

The trunk is an area of the car that can hold essentials items such as jumper cables, flares, first aid kit, etc.  I recommend using a plastic container or bag that doesn't take up too much space.

Along with safety and emergency items, it is helpful to have items you often need while out. For example:  umbrellas, diapers, extra clothing, sports equipment, etc.  I recommend you think through what you may need for your lifestyle.  This may change seasonally, or over time. Reassess what you are carrying every 3 months.

The key to keeping your car organized is to get into the habit of returning items that accumulate in your car to the place they belong.  I encourage my clients to get into the habit of throwing out trash while filling up or charging your car.  Also, upon arriving home, go through your car and bring into your home any items that are non-essential and, again, throw out any trash.