Organizing When Buying in Bulk

The principal goal, for most people, when buying items in bulk, is to save money.  This article will help you ensure this happens.

Before the bulk buying event, make a list and avoid deviating.  Impulse and duplicate purchases at the store (or online) creates more risk of costing you money.

If purchasing medicine, food or perishable items, check expiration dates and be sure that you will use the medicine or eat the food before the expiration date. 

Check the per-unit pricing — just because something comes in a huge container doesn’t mean it’s cheaper.

Another potentially helpful space and money-saving approach is to find one or more friends with whom to split purchases.  This strategy allows each of you to take advantage of bulk/discount prices without worrying about using or finishing all of the items or finding room for everything.

Be sure you have a place to store the items before bringing them home.  If storage space is an issue, break down bulk buys into individual units and tuck beneath sinks or in an empty area of a cabinet.

Transfer bulk dry goods to clear plastic containers that fit the dimensions of your storage space.  For liquids like dish soap or shampoo, transfer what you need to a smaller bottle and store the rest for future use.