Before we started working with Paula, our home was very stressful, with clutter all around us and no systems in place to keep things organized.

Now our home is a sea of calm and everything has it’s place.   We have also saved money because we don’t have to go out and buy things that we already have, but didn’t know where they were, because now we know exactly where they are!  

Thank you Paula for your non-judgmental assistance with organizing our home.  It has made a world of difference in our lives.  

Karen – Winnetka, IL

We moved back into our home after an extensive renovation. We had boxes, furniture and other personal belongings stored in many locations both around Chicago and out of state. Not only did Paula handle the move-in brilliantly, helping us unpack and organize, but she also meticulously catalogued and inventoried what we decided not to use and organized and consolidated our remaining storage. Paula is amazing. No job is too big or too complicated. She approaches every aspect of the project with confidence and without stress. We recommend without qualification!

Adam C. – Chicago, IL

My sister and I hired Paula after we moved my mother out of her apartment and into a senior living facility. We needed to get the apartment cleaned out fast so that it could be put on the market. My mother was always a saver, but because of her recent failing memory, the place had become quite cluttered. It was overwhelming to approach this task. There was so much stuff-what should we keep? What should we sell? What do we throw away? It was easy to get bogged down in the details, and the memories!

Paula’s service was INVALUABLE, and we would not have been able to complete it without her. She helped us empty closets and cabinets, being respectful of our nostalgia but also keeping us on track. She enabled us to make decisions of what was worth keeping, and what could be thrown away. She had respected resources, like an antique dealer, that estimated the value of things and took them for auction. And because neither of us lived close by, we entrusted Paula to go to the apartment when we could not. To trust someone to be in your home when you are not present is rare and priceless.

In those few weeks that we worked together, I also really enjoyed Paula’s company. She was warm, funny and intelligent. This was an extremely stressful time for us, and Paula’s demeanor was comforting.

We recommend Paula Gitles and Organizing Solutions For You without hesitation. Her compassion, knowledge, efficiency and ready to work attitude will be invaluable to whatever organizing project you have.

Stacey N- Mequon, WI

Dawn H- Buffalo Grove, IL

Paula took the stress from The Goddess.

Two moves in two years, all the packing up and then unpacking – organizing closets, cupboards, phone, cable, I left to Paula.
I could not have done it without her. I would have gone crazy and my stuff would still be in boxes.

Thank you Paula

Debbie S. – Chicago, IL  

I truly dislike having to "get organized", so I was resistant to beginning my work with Paula.  I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been and have truly enjoyed working with her. 

Paula has helped me organize both my business files and my home closet.  She does all of the work that she does with both professionalism and kindness, and I've never felt judged or misunderstood in my requests for assistance. Not only has Paula helped in the physical reorganization of my systems, she has also taught me how to think about organization in a more positive way, and this helps me every day.

I highly recommend Paula not only because of her great work ethic and smart ideas, but because she is kind, respectful, and a joy to be around.  For me, there is an emotional element to clearing out closets, and I couldn't have done it without Paula!

Julie L. – Highland Park, IL 

Paula makes "tidying up" enjoyable. My husband would ask me: "why do you need Paula's help for that?", and I tell him "two reasons: 1) she keeps me on task, and 2) she makes it fun". So we tackle one room at a time, and also put systems in place to help our household stay organized. It's money well spent!

Elleke H. – Kenilworth, IL 

Paula is the most amazing person to have on your team! I turn Healthcare Businesses around daily, because I deal with other people’s lack of ability to get it done. I fix others businesses, but cannot fix my personal business, because I do not have the time or the energy to think for myself.  That is why I hire Paula for everything personal. 

When it comes time to work on my personal belongings, whether it be to clean and organize my closets, pack boxes for a move, move in to a new house, unpack boxes, organize a house etc…  Paula has been there for me on all of these tasks!  She has the ability to put the plan together and think on her feet.  I trust her judgement and there is nothing she will not do to get the job done.  Paula sprung me into action by organizing and moving me in the proper direction without haste.  I stared at boxes for so long, as I would put off the inevitable, until I called Paula, and one by one the boxes were broken down and the job was finished in no time flat!!

Paula is sensitive to understanding the items that are important to you and your family. Paula gently works around your feelings, without you even knowing that she has organised your life so efficiently.  I do not start a project at home without calling Paula to be at my side.   She is reasonably priced and does not waste your time or charge for things unnecessarily.  She arranges her schedule around all of her clients’ needs.  I cannot say enough about her honesty, loyalty and ability to get the job done!!  Thank you Paula for being my Personal Life Saver!!!

Suzy K. – Deerfiled, IL

I have been working with Paula over the last several months for home office, storage, garage and closets. She is by far the best organizer I have encountered.  Our work was efficient and her systems and processes have made it much easier for me to keep organized. She is easy to work with and full of energy. She works within your lifestyle to create a system that will work for you.

Dana F.-Kenilworth, IL 

I have used Paula Gitles and referred her out for years. She is my go-to woman to help people organize, clarify their lives, embrace new changes, and jumpstart new chapters in their lives. Not only is she extraordinarily talented, she is an absolute joy and pleasure to be around! For many people, it’s a challenging process to make small and dramatic changes in their lives; Paula makes it a common, seamless process. It’s a privilege to work with Paula!

Linda Levin, #1 producing Sotheby's agent in the Chicago Metropolitan area

I felt like I was already a pretty organized person but just wasn’t tackling the things that didn’t require immediate action.  I finally realized I needed assistance in those areas I was avoiding, because while they weren’t impacting my daily life, it hung over me that they were there waiting to get done.

When Paula came she helped me clear out the clutter and put systems into place that make my life easier everyday.  She was the voice of reason about so many things I had held on to but really didn’t need and gave practical advice on how to keep special memories and tokens without keeping every picture my kids had drawn or outfit they had worn. 

She was respectful and non-judgmental through the entire process.

Paula handles everything top to bottom from finding and purchasing the supplies and containers to researching products for you to doing all the set-up and organizing.  The experience has been great and I would recommend her to anyone that knows they have projects to tackle but hasn’t taken the next step to get it done.

Kelly R. – Kenilworth, IL 

I have worked with Paula for quite some time.  I have made huge progress and have had a lovely experience doing it.  Aside from my initial trepidation about having someone come in and see my mess, once I started working with Paula I knew my messy secrets were safe and we made progress fast!  I have even absorbed some of her habits.  It is easier to weed through things with someone who isn't personally attached and Paula does it very thoughtfully.  I always feel lighter after a day with Paula.  I know working with Paula would be a wonderful experience for you.

Susan B. – Chicago, IL

So here was the charge.  Move this new widower from his family's home of 55 years to a new and much smaller home in Chicago. Sort through rooms and cabinets and help determine what goes to the new house and what to do with what does not go; what stays with family members; find two levels of auction houses; resale shops, and just plain toss. All to be done with great respect and sensitively. Find and manage the movers, some to children in Colorado and Chicago, some to the new Chicago house. Set up the new house from place mats to art placement. Paula Gitles and Organizing Solutions turned what seemed impossible for me into the possible and seamless transition. The unpleasant effort became pragmatic and emotionally manageable. I am indebted to her skill and humanity.

Paul F. – Oak Brook/Chicago, IL

Paula has been an amazing addition to our lives. We hired her when one of my elderly parents became ill. At first, she helped pay the bills, but as time went on, I have relied on her for many other things. She helped me move my parents into assisted living, even helped unpack and organize the new place, which was a godsend. Since then, without my even asking, she has followed up on so many things, found ways to save us money, and all with the biggest heart imaginable. I don’t really know what we have done without her during some very difficult times. Paula is incredibly conscientious, professional, and always will go one step beyond. We are so lucky to have found her!

Diane P. – Wilmette, IL

Paula Gitles will change your life. She will help you clean up and organize your home in a patient and non- judgmental way, no matter how long it takes. She is a delightful and special presence, with great advice and sound opinions, holding your hand along the way.  Once you have your home organized, the peace of mind is fantastic. She will be one of the best things that ever happened to you!

Susanne P. – Winnetka, IL

Paula did an amazing job helping unpack and move my business of 22 years to my home. We sorting through and organized numerous boxes and files in a extremely efficient manner. I then rehired Paula to help start up my business venture to a new office space. I could not have done all this with out her. Her service was invaluable and gave me all the support i needed. Dont' think twice, call Paula!

Melanee C. – Chicago

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Paula on a project which involved moving a gentleman from his large home of over 50 years in the suburbs to a much smaller home in the city. As the interior designer, I worked closely with Paula as she masterfully sorted through and organized over 50 years of accumulated possessions. As a professional, Paula was unparalleled in her ability to creatively find solutions to even the most complex challenges. Through her vast and varied resources, she was able to bring in just the right auctioneers and movers to find new homes for the possessions that were no longer useful to our client. I was continually impressed by her professionalism, effectiveness, kindness, compassion, and warmth. Paula is truly a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring the services she offers. Thank you Paula!!

Antonio P.

Paula Gitles is an organizing wizard that makes your world a better place.  Paula was introduced to me by a realtor/ friend in an effort to get pre-packed, staged, and completely organized for a relocation. I must confess that the first two hours I just despised the whole process for it made me aware of the work I had to do. Within three hours I started to wonder how I have lived without her and looked forward to her next available block of time. My kitchen cabinets, drawers, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, linens, storage areas etc are prioritized, perfect and camera ready. She is delightful, funny and hardly stops moving as you reminisce about the ceramic dogs your kids made in 4th grade.  I have never been a collector however I had no idea how much “stuff” I just stored with no utilization.

This experience has been freeing and I have asked Paula to consider working with me every few months in my new out of state home. I hope she is available.

Kim B. – Glencoe, IL

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the job you did at one of the houses I had for sale. While I have always thought the world of you personally, this is the first chance we've had to work together professionally. Not only did you gently but firmly guide and assist the homeowner in decluttering and organizing all rooms in the home, but you staged it beautifully, down to all the last details (the flowers were beautiful!) Please know that both the homeowner and I are "singing your praises" and I will heartily recommend you for my clients' organizing and staging needs.

Debbie P. – Glencoe, IL

What a difference Paula has made in my life! I wish we had taken "before pictures" so everyone could appreciate the "after pictures." All areas of my home are now organized. The best part about working with Paula is that she really listens and wants to understand what I, Melissa, envision as an organized life. Or, if I don’t know quite what I want/need, she takes the time to help me figure it out. Then, she gets down to business and quickly produces results that are incredible. BTW, I have a tiny 2-bedroom condo in Chicago with hardly any storage areas at all. Well, Paula did such a good job working with what I have that I actually have room for more stuff if I acquire anything more. Plus, we turned half of one closet into my office! I'm telling you, it's amazing!

Melissa L. – Chicago, IL

Paula Gitles of Organizing Solutions For You, Inc. has done a terrific job organizing closets and paper flow in our home. She has helped us clean out the clutter and reorganized my son’s room. She encouraged me throughout the purging process to consider the importance and necessity of various items making it easier for me to part with many things that were creating clutter. With Paula’s assistance, additional space was created. I am now working with her on planning new furniture selections that will better fit the type of storage needed for our living habits. Paula has helped me figure ways to approach all the paper that pours into our house on a daily basis. She has guided and talked me through the process of digging out of paper piles while giving me the skills and systems needed to stay on top of the paper.

I really enjoy working with Paula who is so pleasant, hard working and focused. I am very pleased with the professionalism and responsive service that she has provided. I highly recommend her to help with a home organizing project.

Helen A. – Chicago, IL

Paula, when we called you, we felt that our filing system, as well as our organizational abilities needed much improvement. You came to our office and listened carefully to what we did, as well as, what we needed to change, in order to make our current system more effective. Paula, very much appreciate your talents and would not hesitate in recommending your services to others.

Jerry P., Northbrook, IL

If you need assistance with home organizational challenges, I highly recommend Paula Gitles of Organizing Solutions For You, Inc. Paula has worked with me and our family of 4 in several areas of our house (basement, closets, mudroom, kitchen, bathrooms bedrooms), as well as sorting through and organizing paperwork and paying bills. She is a real problem solver. For example, we routinely had trouble finding food items that would get lost in the back of our deep kitchen pantries and Paula came up with a practical solution for us. As another example, Paula found additional space in our closets by reconfiguring the spaces and selecting organizing items that added lots of extra storage.

Priscilla S., Winnetka, IL

I hired Paula to organize my kitchen after a recent remodeling project. Not only was she able to easily perform her tasks, but she was able to teach me techniques for maintaining that structure that I still employ today and for which I credit for making me more efficient.

Sharon G. – Winnetka, IL